The Tides by the Sea

Address: 2316 Beach Drive, Seaside, OR 97138, United States    Reservation Line: 1-800-548-2846 or 1-503-738-6317


A Message From The Tides

People are traveling during the virus pandemic.

We get that.
We take this seriously.
We take extra care to clean ahead of your arrival to protect you, us, and others.

Assume it is there.
You can’t see this virus hanging in the air, on the TV Remote, stair rail, picnic table, car door handle, etc..
Take responsibility. For yourself, for us, for others.

For yourself:
Wipe it before you touch it.

For others:
Wipe it after you touch it.

Clean your hands often.

Covering your face is a sign of respect for everyone around you. Be a good role model.

This virus demands we all achieve the best personal and public standards.

Think about it.  We do.  Every day, throughout the day.

We are working to make a living being of service to those who have chosen to travel during this virus pandemic.

Be self-sufficient.  Enjoy your travel, hold yourself accountable, and be a responsible traveler.

Be kind.

Nod and smile at others under your mask.  We’ll do the same. 😊 Assume it is there — you will see it in our eyes.